Monday, 22 May 2017

Nelson ran much better for most of the way in a very quick race. He was following a horse who pulled up and went around the fence two from home, and decided to do the same. With his one eye he probably thought he was doing the right thing in following, or maybe he thought it was much easier to take a short cut, but either way the jockey will be much more aware of it next time and hopefully it wont happen again. 

Dream and her foal, Sam, are now staying out at night time. He is such a bright little thing and it hard to believe that he had such a stretching at birth and was in such a bad way. They are both so lucky to have survived. He is called Sam, after Sam Burton who saved his life.

Dream and Sam our miracle foal

Sunday, 21 May 2017

It was lovely to be back though and see the stunning countryside which has grown more beautiful with the rain as everything is so green and the leaves are now all out on the trees.
Horses on holiday

Beautiful views on my evening walk to check the youngsters

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Today we are only taking Nelson to Garthorpe as it is too soft for Jess and Budge. It would have been fine for Burrows Spring but annoyingly she rapped her back legs whilst schooling on Friday and she is a bit sore on them. We had to get a different jockey in because Tom McClorey, her normal jockey still isn't 100% fit after breaking his wrist, and her and the new jockey just didn't click.Added to this she is spot on in season which probably didn't help.

We are back now from a lovely and much needed four days away in Menorca. It was much more beautiful than I thought it would be with fabulous beaches, walks, lovely green countryside and lots of bird life and only just over two hours from home. The girls did a great job in our absence even though it poured with rain most of the time.

Santo Thomas

Monday, 15 May 2017

We didn't run Jess as it was so soft but Scruffy, Goody and Cloud ran well above their mark despite the ground with a third and two fourths consecutively. In Scruffy's race three horses came to the last fence together but unfortunately she hit it and lost her place. We were delighted with her run though. Cloud struggled in the ground but tried her little heart out. She made a noise so will need a soft palate for next season and Goody, now that she knows she hasn't got the option of pulling herself up didn't like the ground either and dogged it for the first circuit but hen ran on to be fourth. Lily and Jim with Kara and Will on board both blazed a trail out in front and whilst they both eventually pulled up they had a great time leading the way. They set such a pace that only four or five out of the fourteen finished. It was disappointing not to get good ground again but no one was to know how much rain there was going to be. Holly and the team won two best turned outs taking the total to 35.  The weather on the day was lovely and we were able to enjoy our Pimms and picnic and be thankful that all the horses were home safely.
Off to Menorca now. Yippee!!
Precious Pony (Goody) and Holly

Sunday, 14 May 2017

We walked Whitfield last night and they have done a brilliant job of watering it. We also had quite a drop of rain last night so it may be a little too soft now, particularly for Jess and Goody, but at least it will be safe. We are not running Burrows Spring because Tom McClorey needs another week before he is passed fit by the Jockey Club Doctor as he broke his wrist about 7 weeks ago, and as he gave her a nice ride last time we want to stick with him as she is such a lovely mare.
Well - Bottle of Pimms and picnic ready. Fingers crossed they all come home safely. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Both mare and foal (Dream and Sam) are doing really well. It was a beautiful sunny day today so they both went down to the bottom paddock so that Dream could get a good graze and Sam could sleep in the sunshine. He is still a bit wonky but should straighten out with time. The vet came out today to scope Popaway. The vet wanted her to have a gallop first, which she did and Kara said she felt fantastic. She was then scoped and it was very dirty, it had both blood and mucus in it. It has now been sent off to see whether she needs to be given steroids and which antibiotics. Bless her. She still gave her all even though she wasn't right.
I have just booked a little four day break away to Menorca starting Monday. We are hoping to run between six and seven horses at Whitfield if the ground is OK and if we do there won't be many to ride out so it seems the perfect time. If we don't run at Whitfield then Holly won't be too happy, so fingers crossed they are able to do as good a job watering as they did last time.. The horses that are likely to go are Exclusive Rights, Lady Barfad, Velvet Cloud, Premier Gold, We Never Give Up, Late Night Jazz and possibly Burrows Spring. 

Monday, 8 May 2017

Oh the highs and lows again.....Glory Hunter (Murphy) won his race but poor Fill the Power with his owner rider, Peter Bennett on board had a fall and he broke his shoulder so had to be put down. Peter said he jumped the fence well but then slipped on landing. We hadn't had him very long but he was a really lovely horse and will be very much missed. Peter was also devastated and has decided to hang up his boots after 30 years of race riding. A very sad way to retire but probably for the best for his wife, Annie.We were all so upset about Phil that we really didn't want to run the other two horses, Murphy and Noddy, and when Murphy went down to the start I hid in the lorry because I couldn't bear to watch. I listened to the commentary and heard that he was 10 lengths detached from the rest of the field and being ridden along, so gave up listening, but then heard that he was 10 lengths in front. I couldn't believe it!! He has been quite a difficult horse in many ways as he had some hard races in Ireland and used to be absolutely terrified about racing. He used to drip with sweat and then after racing stand in the back of his stable and not eat. He is totally different now and absolutely loves racing and is full of confidence. Graham and Irena his half owners have been very patient and it is lovely to reward their patience.

Murphy and Suzanne. Best turned out again!

Cupachai (Noddy) Who thankfully came back safely .