Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Oooops - |It's been a while since I posted but everything is fine and really not much has happened. I thoroughly enjoyed the hot weather and after doing 'chores' (what a strange word) I then spent rather a lot of time in or by the river. Bliss...
Roy, Carol, Rachel and Steve came to visit the foals yesterday - Even if I say so myself they all looked unbelievable. We are so privileged to have such beautiful animals here. We had a bottle of bubbly in the shepherds hut to celebrate. Any excuse. They are great timewasters. Another reason now to put more photos of foals up - sorry if I am boring anyone.
Roy Boy's fan club Fan Club with Bertha looking on

Popaway and Roy Boy
Bertha having a snooze after a big day playing with Tok

Popaway talking to Jess (We Never Give Up) about the trials of Motherhood


Sunday, 21 June 2020

We have got a magnificent display of poppies in the next door field. It was supposed to be oil seed rape but because of the dry weather the crop has failed and the poppies have taken over. Absolutely beautiful with the downside that they are attracting people from all over the place - with a few weird ones... One gentleman knocked on the door to say that he was a wildlife photographer and could he park in the yard whilst he took some photos of the poppies and also his speciality, dragon flies. He then offered to take some photos of the mares and foals - He didn't mention that he had a dark haired girlfriend waiting in the wings and they spent the next two hours deep in the poppy field with her posing with very little on! Needless to say I don't think there were many photos taken of dragonflies or mares and foals...
The other somewhat strange visitors were a very large group of Indians who ended up having a lovely picnic on our table right outside our house, whilst the children played in the garden and part of the group went into the shepherd hut... When they were questioned they said they could do what they liked as it was on the footpath. It isn't actually and they were eventually sent on their way. Quite extraordinary but also funny!
Jack, Poppy and Tatty enjoying the view from the shepherd hut

Some of the unwanted guests, the rest were in the garden and the shepherd hut!

Where did all those poppies come from?

Friday, 19 June 2020

Jess - SO proud of her little boy, Pat


Dream and the Beautiful Bertha

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Watching foals and Royal Ascot have been terrible time wasters these last couple of days. The foals are all doing really well now with the latest two giving us great entertainment charging around the field in front of the house and showing off to each other, seeing who can buck the highest or can have all four feet off the ground at the same time.
I don't want to bore you with photos of them so I will do three today and then three tomorrow and that will be it for a while...

Roy Boy (Popaway's foal) growing very quickly and looking like a tank!
Burrows Spring and Neil

Tik and Tok


Monday, 15 June 2020

It seems really strange not worrying foaling, although now we have got to make sure all the little 'uns are OK. Neil was scouring a bit yesterday and seems to be responding to treatment as he is much better this evening. Dream and Tik keep chasing each other around the field when they are together with the poor exhausted foals in tow and then when we split them up they run round looking for each other and whinnying. We just turned them out in the little field so we could keep an eye on them and then there was an absolute downpour, so we had to fetch them in looking like drowned rats.  Both Bertha and Tik were very upright in their pasterns so they both needed an injection to help relax the tendons. It could be the stallion as they are both by Telescope. It would be so useful if there was more transparency with thoroughbred breeding. Coming from a cattle breeding background it really surprises me that there isn't more information about conformation, foal size at birth, breathing problems, temperament etc. I'm not sure how we can improve a breed when there are absolutely no statistics apart from whether they win a race or not, and that doesn't tell the whole story.
Having said that both the Telescope foals have lovely temperaments and move really well so they should 'fit the bill'.
The Elusive Pimpernels are the other way, a bit over at the knee and very chunky and really cheeky as well as being very active and also moving really well. If you know what to expect then you can pick the mares accordingly but stallion owners are very reluctant to go down that road of more transparency, for some reason...

Anyway, lovely to have the rain. Hopefully we will get some grass growing now. We are hoping to open up the shepherd huts as soon as it is allowed with the virus - In between time we have offered them to NHS frontline workers to get a much deserved break. We got a booking from two physiotherapists for February 2021 for a month in the cottage. Hoping to get a free very long holiday...Taking the mickey I think!

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Yay!! Our last foal has been born at 11.30pm this evening. Velvet Steel (Tik) has got a beautiful colt foal by Telescope. She was waxed up this morning and very restless all day. She stared to push at 11.20 pm and due to the alarm and camera we were there to assist her. So wonderful to get six live foals. Four colts and two fillies. Perfect. Now we can sleep 😴 

Monday, 8 June 2020

We had a rather eventful night last night - Jess started to colic at around 10 pm and we spent the next three hours walking her and Pat around to try and get her to settle. We gave her a tube of Finadyne which normally works straight away and we were rather concerned when she was still in obvious discomfort some time later. We had just got her pain free and settled so we went to bed and then at around 1.30pm the foaling alarm went off. We had put Dream in the yard with Tik as she was going mad every time Jess left her stable and we really were not expecting her to foal as she hadn't waxed, so thank goodness for the alarm.  She is now the proud mother of a very smart and rather large filly foal by Telescope. She is just gorgeous and unlike the colts was up and suckling by herself within a very short time.
Big Bertha at 6 hours old

The lovely Bertha