Saturday, 24 February 2018

A fabulous day. Velvet Steel (Tik) came a close second in her maiden. She had Page Fuller on board who gave her a lovely ride, even though she lost her whip on the home straight! We are so happy for her to get around as she has had such an unlucky career so far and she really deserves to have a good run. On better ground she will be awesome. She also won 'Best Turned Out' as did Jess who came fourth and gave Paddy a lovely spin.
The sun shone and there was a lovely atmosphere around the lorry afterwards. Fingers crossed now for Garthorpe tomorrow and hoping that the frost isn't too severe tonight.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Winston Churchill
I took Dad to see the film called 'The Darkest Hour' yesterday. It was the second time I have seen it, the first time I went with Doug, and it was just as good the second time as the first. Winston Churchill was an incredible man who showed enormous strength against impossible opposition. I had no idea how close we came to surrendering in the second world war and how if it wasn't for Churchill's dogged strength of character we would all be speaking German now, in the unlikely event that we had been born at all!
All horses are flying which is rather frustrating as it looks as though the weekend's racing my be frozen off as we have some artic weather about to arrive. We have Jess and Tik hopefully going to the rescheduled meeting on Saturday at Barbury and Top Garry, Popaway and Beech Hill going to Garthorpe on the Sunday. Fingers crossed the wintry weather holds off. It is lovely and sunny now but the ground was frozen this morning.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

The schooling session with Will Biddick went really well - You can see why he was champion jockey so many times. He tuned up Memphis (King of Rainbows) Pasta (Babbiloora) and Top Garry. Paddy jumped 24 fences with Jess who was lead horse, bless her. Unfortunately I couldn't film any of the action as I had my hands full holding onto the horses that weren't being schooled.
However, today Paddy took Kingsley to the schooling field for the first time and he was awesome.

He loved it and was very genuine jumping with no lead horse. He is only five and 17.3 hh so he still has some filling out to do but we may just give him the one run this season for experience.
Every weekend I let the pigs (Percy and Peppa) out of their stable so they can have a wander round and for whatever reason Peppa decided she was a horse and not a pig. She tried to follow Kingsley to the schooling field and only stopped when Paddy gave her the slip and she couldn't get over the ditch, and then she came back and started chasing Murphy around the menage. It was hilarious. She can be my assistant trainer as she made him work harder than he has done in a long time!

Percy also decided that Murphy was his best friend and shared a hay net with him

Friday, 16 February 2018

Clear rounds for all three boys in the Grand Miltary Gold cup at Sandown with Harry Wallace coming second to Guy Disney. A popular result as Guy lost his leg whilst serving in Afganistan, and yet still rides like a demon with his prosthetic leg. It was a lovely day and a great atmosphere. Very historic as that race has been run for 136 years.
We are now on our way back on the M25 and hoping to get back before Will Biddick arrives as he is staying over tonight so that he can school some horses for us first thing tomorrow morning.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Oooops, I have just realised I didn't do an update and let you know that racing was also cancelled on the Sunday due to waterlogging, so we had the whole weekend to catch up on other things, which was rather nice.
The weather has been absolutely foul until today when there was this strange yellow ball in the sky, and suddenly everything looked completely different. The ground is still very soggy but drying out a little. We are holding the horses off now until next weekend, when we are definitely taking Popaway and Top Garry to Garthorpe, and maybe Beech Hill depending on how she and Hannah school on Monday and we are also possibly going to the rescheduled meeting at Barbury on the Saturday with Tik and Jess, once again depending on the ground. We haven't got a soft ground horse this season so we are very much looking forward to the ground drying out.
After working the horses tomorrow, we are going to Sandown to watch 'our boys' in the Royal Artillery Gold cup. 'Our boys' are our past and present novice riders, Harry Wallace, Billy Aprahamian and Nathan Rahman. I don't mind who wins as long as it is one of them! Kick on Boys! and of course, come home safely.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

We have just heard that Cottenham has been cancelled due to frozen ground conditions, so we have turned the lorry around and are homeward bound. Now we can light the fire and hunker down to some good racing, rugby and a roast. Sounds like a very good alternative!
Picnic packed and we are on our way to Cottenham with Lily and Budge on board.  It will be good experience for both Nathan and Paddy,  our novice riders and as long as they all come home safely we will be happy. Although the six nations rugby match between England and Wales was a bit of a draw to stay at home, it will good to watch the recording when we get back.
Tomorrow, weather permitting, Jess and Tik are going to Barbury. Jess in the two and a half mile mares race, which if the ground isn't soft (unlikely) would be perfect for her, and Tik is in the maiden, where she should go close as she looked to be going very well last time at Barbury before decanting Scott four fences from home.