Wednesday, 5 August 2009

It was Joseph's 26th birthday yesterday. I just cannot believe it was 26 years ago when I huffed and puffed my way to my first born child. It is really quite frightening how fast time is flying by. To 'celebrate', we took him and his gorgeous girlfriend, Sophie, out for a meal. They are very much in love and we had a great time together. I couldn't help recounting on what a ghastly baby he was - I was 23 years old and up until then very much a 'free spirit' . Within a year I had married and was 'blessed' with this wailing baby, who was born in the middle of harvest (my waters broke on the combine and I refused to go into hospital until 12 hours later) Once the baby had been born I was very much 'confined to barracks' and barely saw a soul except during an occasional harvest tea. Very long days and nights with this squawking baby -it was rather a shock to the system.... Having said that he has grown up into the most wonderful person, and I am ridiculously proud of him.