Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Yesterday Ben came in earlier than usual and we worked Jake with Harry (Lucy) and Dream (me) We wanted to try and get Jake's heart rate and speed up. We went three times around the flat circular gallop and put him upsides Dream. They both went really well - unfortunately Ben had put the wrong girth on Jake so we weren't able to see his HR but we certainly got his speed up. We then went on the uphill gallop twice at a good clip, first time he went upsides Dream and the second Harry. it was a really good piece of work and should have set them up for the week-end. Dream made a bit of a noise so may need a wind operation later on. We will see how she gets on in her first race and go from there.
Today Doug was busy fencing and it was beautiful weather. I had the day doing horses, office work (briefly!) and gardening - perfect!