Monday, 9 May 2011

It didn't rain that much in the end but it has freshened the grass up and everything looks really green now.
Another very hectic day - Doug has been rushing around like a headless chicken because he is going on a 'farm trip' for 4 days and he wanted to get everything done beforehand. He got most of the urgent jobs done and he needs a good break now.
I'm looking forward to an early night with my book....bliss..
With the excitement of the wedding I didn't mention that we took Jake to Ashorne last Monday. The ground was still far too quick for him and it was a really hot race, being the fastest time of the day by 7 seconds but bearing in mind he got left behind at the start and was lying ninth first time around he did well to finish fourth. He ran on very well at the end and Will had a job to pull him up - he obviously thought he had won because he has been in a very good mood since.