Sunday, 12 June 2011

It rained all day today - just what we needed, although it still isn't enough to soften the ground much, it should be enough to get some growth happening with the grass.
We have had a very sociable week-end, supper at friends Ed and Julia on Friday until the early hours, on Saturday Amy very kindly cooked us a meal to say thank you for helping with Jack, it was great to have a chance to get to know her boyfriend, Joe, and catch up with her parents Bay and Hermione. As Amy has been a chalet girl in her past she is a great cook and it was a very pleasant evening. This morning we had a visit from Robert Thame for coffee which ended up being rather a long session. He is at a bit of a cross roads at the moment and wanted some advice... he also wanted us to go to supper with them tonight but we declined.
It has been absolutely fantastic moving into this area - everyone is so genuine and friendly and somehow more 'rural' than where we were before, but it should have come with a health warning - We sometimes feel as though we need to go and stay in a hotel nearby just to get a quiet night in! However, that is in no way a complaint, we shall just have to work a bit harder at getting match fit so that we can keep up with the locals.
This evening I went for a long walk with the dogs and then a swim in the river (in the rain) and then we went for a quick and very nice meal at Red Lion at Culworth. We have had a busy week with guests staying in the shepherd hut so thought we could justify the expense. Early night tonight.