Friday, 24 June 2011

We are back having had a wonderful break. Umberleigh was great fun, very rural and to be honest not great racing, but a really good atmosphere. We stayed at The Rising Sun where it was heaving with point to point enthusiasts and ended up having a very late night. There were some people there, one chap in particular who goes to 40 meetings a season and knew every single one of our horses, going back to Velvet Dove's heyday - he almost knew more about them than we did! His wife said that he goes into complete decline when the season finishes and brightens up considerably when it starts again. We met a few bookies who were also very knowledgeable about our nags, it was also interesting to hear that some of the meetings (Pytchley being one of them) is run by a cartel (a mafia man from Northampton) who basically controls the bookies, they pay him the full price for a pitch, he pays the hunt a small part of his takings, he also controls what odds they can give and he would be the only one who can takes bets without the favourite. Apparently a lot of punters refuse to go to the meetings where he is 'in charge' . It has being going on for years and no one is prepared to upset him as he is somewhat dodgy. The hunt would be losing out to the tune of £1500 so it really is time that it came to an end. If I'm found with concrete gumboots on at the bottom of the river you will know what has happened.....
The next morning we headed south and checked in at The Port William - it was great to be back there, lovely afternoon and we went for a swim and sunned ourselves on the beach. The rest of the week we walked, swam and explored. We found a lovely place called St Agnes, which if we were to get a whole week away we would rent a cottage there as it was so beautiful. We also caught up for a meal with Niki and Andy who own the Kings Head at Ruan Lanihorne on the Roseland peninsula. Great to see them both.
A lovely break but now I'm paying the price and catching up on all the orders, it has been hectic today - must dash as I want to get the post.