Monday, 29 August 2011

The Open Day was a great success - Jackie Oliver the photographer was there and took some terrific photos. About 90 people turned up and all said how fantastic the horses looked - they behaved incredibly well which was a relief as it was complete chaos when we were trying to get them in, with loose horses everywhere.
Doris seemed to be the favourite with a number of people wanting to have a share in her, and it looks as though she will be syndicated, it's so funny looking back and remembering when we bought her home from Ireland we hid her in the back yard because she was so fearfully ugly - her head was huge and totally out of proportion to her body. It is hard to believe it's the same horse. Dolly and Eeyore also impressed, and there was a lot of interest in Frog. Laverty looked terrific and has transformed from the hat rack who arrived last year and someone was very interested in buying 'We never give up' who is going to be a lovely big mare.
The 19 horses were all paraded (including Dove and one eyed Dream) and then we went into the barn for beef rolls and refreshments - an ice cream van turned up at 1.30 pm and everyone helped themselves to Mr Whippies with lashing of chocolate was rather amusing talking to Mrs Smythe-Forteque with ice cream all around her face.
The last person left at 9pm by which time we were absolutely shattered - great day with really good feed back, it has been somewhat stressful, but definitely worth the effort.