Saturday, 28 January 2012

Big Bucks winning at Cheltenham.
Big day tomorrow - we are taking five horses to Thorpe - Cyril for Christopher in the club members......., Haunted House for Amy in the Ladies or the Novice riders, Laverty and Paddy (The Irish RM) in the restricted with the hope that it will be split as we don't really want to run them against each other, and Harry (Unnoitmakessense) in the Intermediate. Harry has been doing some show jumping in the indoor school to improve his jumping, and it will be interesting to see if he can just run a sensible race without falling over and whether he has fully got over the virus that he picked up last season, which up until recently still seemed to be affecting him slightly. We have had a great day at Cheltenham today, excellent racing, and it was fantastic to see Big Bucks win his fifteenth consecutive win - He's a legend. W then e went to the Brightwells sale to see what the trade was like as we are looking for a horse for Doug's brother in law, Robert, who has got a lot of flat horses in Australia, but has decided he would quite like a jumping horse with us. There was nothing suitable but we have got a contact in Ireland who is looking out for us. VERY exciting.
Better get ready for tomorrow as we have a very early start - fingers crossed we have a slightly less 'entertaining' time than we had last week with Christopher, and that everyone (human and equine) comes home safe and sound.