Sunday, 1 January 2012


All horses back safe and sound - because we didn't run them! The going reports had been overly optimistic and the rain hadn't made as much difference as we had hoped so the ground was still very much good to firm with firm patches. It is only the beginning of the season and we have plenty of time yet, added to that Doris had a slightly puffy back leg which she had knocked n the box the night before so that added to the decision. We felt particularly sorry for Will who had been dieting to do the weight on her but he agreed with our decision that we have to put the horses first and hopefully went home for a good scoff.

We went to a superb New Years Eve Party last night at the Sheps - they are brilliant hosts, and it was one to remember - consequently we both felt a little shabby this morning, so doing the horses was a of a test.... We then went on to Cheltenham for the racing. A big crowd but we still managed to bump into a lot of friends, so a great way to start 2012.