Friday, 17 February 2012

The proud parents

I took my parents to see little Archie yesterday - I know I'm biased but he is absolutely gorgeous and it was lovely to see how besotted Josh and Emma are with him. It seems rather strange to see your child, especially your big tough son, go all gooey and soft with their child. It was also rather wonderful that my parents are still around to see their great grandson.

We are now on countdown for Joseph and Sophie's big event which is due today.... How exciting - I'm rather into babies now!!

Anyway, getting on to far more serious things (!?) the horses all worked well today and we schooled Whisper, Dolly, Moonie (who is probably running on Sunday unless it rains a lot in the meantime), Cloud, Jess and Leon, with dear old Dream as lead horse. The others all went up the gallops and worked really well.

We are looking at the race planner this evening to see where we should enter them for next week-end.