Monday, 27 February 2012

We are now grandparents twice over!! Henry has arrived by C section weighing a massive ten and a half pounds, both mother and baby doing really well and Joseph is absolutely over the moon. Aaaah, I can't wait to see him, and lovely for Archie to have a cousin to grow up with - imagine the mischief they will get up to....
Yesterday was almost as eventful as Christophers first run, although he did did actually jump the first four fences, Cyril decided not to jump the 5th - he thought that the short cut was the better option and so much easier, but Christopher fell off as he wasn't expecting the sudden duck out - Cyril has never done that before, and is just plain naughty now, which is a shame for Christopher as he was riding really well and now just needs an equine partner who is as enthusiastic as he is - We are on the look out for next season, but will try and square Cyril up for his next run which is in the Essex hunt members at High Easter on 14th April. Christopher was absolutely fine and proceeded to have a great party around the boot of his car, ending up in the Windmill pub just down the road. It is a worrying thought that if he celebrates like that having only got to the 5th fence what on earth will he be like if he ever completes the three miles?!
Needless to say we were rather late home last night and feeling a little jaded this morning as I didn't sleep very well as I knew that Sophie had gone in to labour and was worried about her, as I knew it was going to be a huge baby - thank goodness all is well.
The horses all went well this morning although we just hacked them out after their week-end break - the serious work will begin tomorrow.