Saturday, 10 March 2012

Great days racing today - Kingston Blount on a sunny spring day, you really can't beat it - Coeur De Lionne was the first to go, and I have to say I was VERY nervous about his run as he is totally flat bred and has never gone any further than two miles before. I would have felt dreadful if anything bad had happened to him as he is such a lovely character, and having hunted him on Thursday, would have felt somewhat responsible if he had had an accident - anyway, we were absolutely delighted with the way he ran and jumped. Peter Mann, who rode him was given instructions to make sure that he enjoyed his run, and to pull him up when tired as we knew that he needed the run as he is so laid back at home - he did 2 and 3/4 miles on the bridle, jumped like a stag and made a mistake three from home when he lost contention and Peter very sensibly pulled him up. The perfect run, as he finished having loved it and wanting more. We couldn't believe the way he attacked his fences, and are now thinking that the long term aim for him will be a two mile hunter chase, but we want him to get more experience jumping fences at a slower pace. Very pleasing. The next to go was Cloudy Moon who was in a 16 runner maiden, they went at a silly pace for the first lap and she got a little detached but then on the second lap the others started to tire and she came through them, on the bridle and setting for home -we were delighted when she finished third - Peter gave her a really good ride and we delighted with the way both horses ran. A really good result and a great day's racing