Saturday, 13 October 2012

Ben at the Open Day
Button at Open Day
Paddy - butter wouldn't melt.....
We had a lovely morning yesterday with owners who came to see their horses work around the big grass field - as I was on Dancer I couldn't take any photos so these are some from the Open Day of Ben and Button, owned by Caroline Macphail and Christopher Sporburg, and Paddy (The Irish RM) owned by Emma Hawthorne. The horses that went around the big field were Jake, Dancer, Paddy, Ben, Button, and Whisper.They all behaved really well although they are clearly getting a lot fitter now and Jake decided that it was time that he was centre of attention again and happily carted Charlie to the front of the pack and had to be steered away and pulled up - much to Charlie's embarrassment who can normally hold any horse. Peter and Ursie were also there as they bred Whisper, Button and Ben and they loved the entertainment - Sadly Peter suffers from Parkinsons and his visits to the gallops are something he really looks forward to, He was over the moon with the way his three youngsters worked.
The other horses went onto the uphill gallop for the first time - Ponty was particularly impressive...