Monday, 5 November 2012

We had a lovely morning with owners on Friday, it had poured all day the day before so we were limited to the all weather hill but everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful autumnal colours from the top and were very impressed with the way the horses worked. When we got back we gave them a little jumping demonstration with Eeyore, Goody and Dolly, the three four year olds and they behaved impeccably. We were very proud of them all. It was then bacon buttie and a glass of port time which also went down very well.
Aitch with Amy
Aitch's (Haunted House) owner, Emma came to pick him up. She has found a wonderful new home for him with a girl called Becky who is a very good event rider (She went around Burghley this year) and thinks that she can find another job for him. The transformation of that horse since he has been here at Blackgrounds has been nothing short of a miracle. when he arrived he was a nervous wreck and didn't have an ounce of trust in anyone. His previous trainer (who will remain nameless) said that he was a "f***ing nutter and should be shot" This was when Emma decided that she wanted to try and point him after he broke down at Uttoxeter. He had obviously been hit with a hosepipe as it was absolutely impossible to get anywhere near him with one. He was terrified of being ridden and used to shoot off out of the yard with his tail clamped between his back legs and his back right up, if you tried to lead him anywhere he would just rear up. Amy was great with him last season and he gave her her first few runs over the big fences. Sadly his legs probably wouldn't stand another season but thankfully now the transformation is complete, and he will let anyone ride him. He will be a lovely event prospect as he jumps like a stag and moves beautifully. A really class horse and we are sad to see him go but so pleased that he has found such a good home. We take a great pride in the fact that every single horse we have ever trained has been able to go on and do another job and have all lived long and happy lives.
As Emma also owns Paddy she watched him go around the big field with Laura on board and Peter on Ben - Paddy went beautifully but Peter thought the reason why Ben veered towards the gate before wasn't out of naughtiness but because he struggles to change onto the correct leg when going clockwise, and sure enough he pulled up slightly lame with a pulled muscle in his off side shoulder. We have got the chiropractor and the masseur coming this week to see him, and he already looks a lot better anyway, but it is nice to know that there was a genuine reason for his bad behaviour as he has a very kind eye and it was rather out of character.
We are hoping to take four or five out hunting tomorrow if we get the others finished in time, so a big day...