Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It snowed heavily with us yesterday but then thawed out and then froze again during the night making the ground conditions rather treacherous.
We have managed to get all the horses out up until now but tomorrow might be a different story with -6 predicted during the night. If they manage to keep the gallop open our option is to have the horses boxed there as the main problem is just getting to the gallops even though it is only half a mile away.
We have made entries everywhere as we are desperate to get a run into Jake - We have entered him for a hunter chase on the 20th at Towcester, a Men's Open at Thorpe and the same at Chipley Park near Tiverton, which might be the most likely as it is a bit warmer down there, the only problem with that is that he isn't the best traveller and it might be just a bit too far away. Towcester would have been the obvious choice but it is highly unlikely to be on. He is in great form and needs a run somewhere. Darn weather....