Saturday, 19 January 2013

We managed to turn the horses out today as we have had a good covering of snow to make the ground safer.
Yesterday we got two lots of horses up the gallop in blizzard conditions before the top of the hill got snow drifts across it and made it impassable It was  really quite exciting and the horses seemed to rather enjoy the challenging conditions.
We have a new horse in the yard, she is a mare by Kirkwall and is a relation to Jake - Chubb Castle bred her and has been riding her around at home - She has had a sequence of problems and isn't the easiest so she has now come to 'Boot Camp' to see if we can make a racehorse out of her - She moves well but is quite a worried soul and will need a bit of understanding  but has all the right attributes at this stage. We are still waiting to hers from Chippley Park to see if racing is on tomorrow - It is highly unlikely but it has been thawing a bit down there so there is an outside chance that it might be on. Her's hoping as both Jake and Popaway are very fresh and need a run.