Sunday, 27 January 2013

Wintry scene at the bottom of our field
There is still a lot of snow around and our hopes of racing this week-end at North Carlton are fading fast.
We were so looking forward to Christopher riding in his members race and hopefully staying on board for the whole three miles - We always seem to have great celebrations if he just manages one circuit so if he actually stays on to finish, then the party will be something else!
The horses are all really fresh now and it is getting more difficult to get the work into them although Alex Hales has done a great job of keeping the round gallop going with constant harrowing. The road getting there is a bit hairy but has now been gritted so it's not as bad as it was.
We have booked the indoor school for some of the youngsters tomorrow so that we can do some jumping and the others will go on the round gallop.
There has been snow building up on top of Jake and Jess's stable which looked as though it was about to avalanche - Doug has been trying to tempt various members of staff underneath and then given it a prod with s stick but has failed to have the result he had hoped for but we nearly got it when Jake came out this morning....