Sunday, 10 March 2013

Dolly won her race but sadly without the jockey! She was somewhat over enthusiastic at the open ditch and stood off outside the wings and then clipped the top, ejecting the pilot skyward. He was fine and so was Dolly who had a wonderful time leading the field for the entire race and very reluctantly pulled up when the race had finished. Thankfully it didn't seem to frighten her at all and she really seemed to enjoy the experience so she should be fine to go again next week to Whitfield. Goody didn't run as they didn't split the race and we didn't want her to run with too many other horses or with a strange jockey. She also loved the day out though and it is all good education for her.
We are just off now with Jess and Button to Ampton. It has already started to snow a little here so lets hope it is on.