Sunday, 3 March 2013

We have had a great week-end's racing even though we didn't quite get the results we would have liked. We weren't expecting much from Flash as she is so laid back at home we knew she was only half fit but she surprised us with a very encouraging run. She was in a seventeen runner maiden and kept up with the pace really well, jumping like a stag, She was with them until two from home when Pete very sensibly pulled her up as she was getting tired. Only six out of seventeen finished as it was a very fast pace for a maiden. Dancer was in the next race and seemed like a completely different horse to the one that ran before, she didn't jump at all well and was far from enthusiastic. Pete pulled her up as she wasn't going a yard. We were really puzzled as it just didn't add up as she is normally so enthusiastic, but then ten minutes later she had a bad nose bleed from both nostrils. It was quite a relief to know that there was a reason for her poor run and we will get her bloods taken tomorrow to see if she has a virus.
However, the weather was beautiful and the ground perfect with a big crowd. Very enjoyable racing.
Today at Garthorpe it was also fantastic racing. Popaway ran a great race coming third out of ten in the fastest race of the day. Faye, who rides out for us twice a week had a second on her own horse in the Ladies, which was brilliant as much deserved.
On Friday we had a great schooling session with the young horses - We also have a new horse called Harry who is with us on trial to see if we want to train him for Nigel and Ann Taylor - he has been tried as an event horse for the last year but all he wants to do is gallop and jump so the Taylor's want us to see if we can do anything with him - He seems a really nice sort and thoroughly enjoyed being on the gallops and jumping fences at speed. We had nine horses in the string and I actually felt like a proper trainer! In order we have the new horse, Harry, Popaway, Dolly (Velvet Royale), Dancer, Button, Ben, Dream, Goody (Lady Barfad) and Flash.
We also schooled Ben, Button and Goody over the big fences. It was Goody's first time and she was very clever and schooled really well. Both Ben and Button are improving all the time and seem to love it. In the above video clip Dream (my retired racehorse)  is the lead horse, followed by Button and then Goody