Monday, 4 March 2013

We worked three horses on the hallowed grass gallops today - They are the same one's that Spanish Steps was trained on by the Courage family. They rode really well but are very quickly drying out, which is astonishing as they have been too wet to use much up until now. The three horses in the video are Jake (Doctor Kingsley) Jess (We Never Give Up) and Goody (Lady Barfad) It felt very springlike with the skylarks singing and the sun shining. It was so beautiful and we are incredibly lucky to be able to use those gallops. A real privilege. I was on Goody, who up until now had never done a proper piece of work and although she was a little outpaced by the 'Big Guns' seemed to cope very well. She is supposed to be making  her debut on Saturday at Kingston Blount but as they haven't split the maiden and we only have one jockey and two entered (Velvet Royale is the other) we may have to delay it until another day, depending on which one we think is the most forward.