Monday, 25 March 2013

Goody and Dancer going out in the field to make snowmen
 Who would have believed it? This time last year it was twenty degrees and we were complaining about the ground being too firm. Now we have snow drifts three feet high in places and no racing for the last two weekends and probably no racing over Easter as the ground will be totally waterlogged if not frozen. The plus side is that we had a lovely week-end catching up with friends over supper on Saturday night and a very sociable and long Sunday lunch that went on until it was almost dark.
The horses all went out for a hack on the road today and then they were all turned out as usual. We are lucky that we can still turn them out and hopefully we will be on the round gallop tomorrow if it doesn't snow any more. I have made entries everywhere to try and find a meeting that might be on but I suspect I am being hopelessly optimistic.