Tuesday, 30 April 2013

We have a big day tomorrow with both Doctor Kingsley and Popaway entered for the Cheltenham Hunters chase evening. Both are in cracking form and fingers crossed for their safe return. I am trying not to think about it too much otherwise I will get too nervous, so let's change the subject....
Oh the weather!! Such joy after such a dreadful winter - The trees are still very suspicious about unfurling their leaves, but there is a lot more green around as the hedges are just beginning to burst out.

After morning exercise Eeyore, now named the rather grown up sounding 'Wild Dove' had a little school in the menage . He has really developed this season and is going to make a proper horse. We are lucky enough to have an owner who doesn't want her horses rushed and it is a lovely luxury to be able to give him as much time as he has needed especially as Alflora's are known to be slow to mature. However, if we get good soft ground towards the end of May we may give him an outing so that he understands what it is all about.
It is my birthday today and it was Doug's on the fifteenth so we are off to the Butchers Arms for a gastronomic treat this eveing.