Sunday, 9 June 2013

Definite Dawn won! He was the horse I was most worried about as he seemed rather sleepy at home and as he had so much time off with his bruised foot I was concerned that he wasn't fully fit. Toby rode him in a very competitive Novice Riders race and at that time was lying second in the leading rider race at Dingley, so when he won the race he also won the title and a lovely trophy. He was over the moon and it was a great way for him to finish the season.
Out of Range ran a cracking race and came second in the two and a half mile maiden. Considering it was only his second race, and his first race was two years ago, we were delighted with him and think that he has a very exciting future. He is such a big horse, standing at 17,1 that he still has a lot of strengthening up to do and will get even better with time.
Sadly  our main hope for the day, Popaway didn't run as one of the owners was concerned about the ground and we had to give best on that one.
Doctor Kingsley was a bit disappointing as he only came fourth in the Mixed Open but he had a 7 lb penalty and Peter very sensibly stuck to the watered ground which was very soft, whilst the firm ground horses went around the outside ( or the inner) for the top of the  ground and understandably went quicker. As Peter was very sympathetic towards him and didn't pull the whip at all, Jake finished not at all tired and very happy, he just couldnt go the pace, whereas last time he raced at Dingley the jockey on board got fined heavily for overuse of the whip which Jake clearly hadn't forgotten. I cannot tell you how relieved I was to see all the horses come home safely.We have got one horse left to run today (Rosie) and then fingers crossed they will all be turned out in the field safe and sound. Talking of soundness I managed to hop around reasonably well on crutches and then 'sat in state' on a bar stool by the lorry whilst  receiving visitors! Christopher and Clare were on top form as they had a first and second with their two horses ( Out of Range and Definite Dawn) and were very generous with their hospitality.... There was a great crowd around the lorry helping us to celebrate and it really brought it home to me how wonderful the point to point 'family' is and what a wonderful sport we are involved with.