Saturday, 24 August 2013

21 horses bathed and settled in their stables or paddocks for the ones that haven't got a stable yet.
All look really well (fat) but better that way than lean. Hopefully the weather will stay fine although a bit of rain tonight would be good so that the farmers who should be combining can come too.
Last night we went for a drink at the Mill House to celebrate the new water mill that has just been put in. We walked there as Chris and Hun are our nearest neighbours and all the dogs came too. Spud has been an absolute delight and is the happiest, bravest dog ever, but last night he disgraced himself by finding a very smelly dead fish to roll in, without us realising. He then proceeded to say hello to everyone by jumping up and because he looks so cute he was being picked up by everyone until they also got covered in smelly dead fish goo. Oh dear it wasn't good. Some had to go back to change as they smelt worse than Spud who Doug had unceremoniously picked up and thrown in the river. not that he minded, he just thought it was jolly good fun! Bless him....