Sunday, 27 October 2013

Edgcote House
I have had a wonderful weekend beginning with Friday when we had both Peter and Toby in and worked eight horses per lot. The first lot went around the big grass field. The ground was absolutely perfect and we cantered around in a beautifully controlled group.Going around that huge grass field is often too much of a temptation for a horse to go much faster than the jockey would like and bolt, so it is always a bit of a risk but this time it was pure magic. I was on Definite Dawn who felt powerfully muscular but was totally calm. I looked to my right where Rosie (yes Rosie!!) with Tara on board was going beautifully with ears pricked, in front of her was Popaway, who is nicknamed 'Tearaway' for a reason, and she was cantering in the most athletic controlled outline, I could hear Whisper behind me snorting rhythmically above the pounding of hooves. Doug was on Subo, Jason on Button and Esme on Eeyore, and they were all in perfect harmony with their horses for three miles. The mist was rising and the wild mushrooms were glistening white amongst the emerald grass. It was one of those very special moments where you would not want to be anywhere else....  Everyone was on a high after that canter and expecting the second lot to be a bit of a let down but we were all very pleasantly surprised with how well the remaining horses went up the hill gallop. They seem to be much fitter than this time last year even though they were four weeks later coming in. Toby was on Jess and couldn't believe how much better she feels this season. Dancer is also a different horse and now we realise how sick she actually was last year. When we got back to the yard coffee was ready and as Friday is always 'treat day' Lucy (our gem in the yard) had very kindly bought doughnuts for everyone which we ate in the sunshine. We are really spoilt  this season as we have two great girls, Lucy and Annette who are brilliant at managing the yard and now we have Esme and Tara who come in and help with afternoon stables. It has made all the difference.
In the evening we had drinks at the big house - Every month Mr Allen has a drinks party for all his tenants on the estate, which is a wonderful thing for him to do and always very sociable...
On Saturday I had shepherd hut guests coming so I couldn't watch the Pytchley opening meet but instead we went to the opening meet party which is a yearly event and held at Hazelbeech Hall. It was a fabulous night but the highlight was meeting my new granddaughter, Jessica Elizabeth, who although I am completely biased is utterly divine.