Thursday, 5 December 2013

Mr Smart sitting on the terrace at The Kings Head

My friend, Niki took this photo of Mr Pheasant who was sitting proudly on her terrace..He is breathtakingly beautiful. Niki and Andrew own the Kings Head in Ruan Lanihorne, Cornwall. A really great country pub to go to if you are ever down that way with fantastic food. (Plug over!)
The horses are all feeling really well which is why we have three extra contributions to the drop pot - I came off Flash last week when she violently shied at nothing, Esme came off Eeyore yesterday when he thought he had done enough on the round gallop and ducked out, and Tara came off this morning when Rosie also shied at very little The very annoying thing is that Jason still hasn't come off and is getting smugger by the day.
Popaway went in for her little wind operation a few days ago and is making a very good recovery - talking of wind, it is howling outside at the moment and we were quite pleased that the uphill gallop is out of action at the moment as I think we would have been blown away if we had attempted to go up there. It is having a completely new surface put on and the drainage redone which should be ready by Monday. We are really lucky though as we have access to great grass gallops in the meantime.
We went to watch at Cottenham on Sunday. It was good competitive racing and a very good day out. Our first runners will probably be at Chaddesley Corbett on the 27th and Cottenham on the 29th.
We schooled six horses yesterday, Jess, Jake, Eeyore, Dolly, Dancer and Flash. They all jumped really well with the eye catcher probably being Jess who was quite exceptional. Dolly was very keen but amazingly brave for a young horse as she led and just floated over the fences, and Eeyore acted as though he had been doing it all his life. Very pleasing for young horses. We will be schooling the rest tomorrow.