Sunday, 9 March 2014

A perfect day. The sun shone and both horses ran well and finished safe and sound. Peter Bennett (who I am sure won't mind me telling you, is a couple of months of his 60th) rode like a man possessed and led until two from home when Dug (Val D'Auberge) blew up but he still came home a very respectable sixth place. We knew that he would need the run as he was a lot later coming to us than the others and didn't get the core strength work that comes in handy at the finish. However, he jumped like a stag and he is perfectly suited to Peter who was delighted with him,and will come on massively from his run. I was very reluctant to run Dancer as I knew she had missed a bit of work with her infected foot and her snotty nose but was persuaded by Doug who thought it would be the best race to bring her on without putting her under undue pressure. He was right, she came fourth and although got a bit detached from the leading three three quarters through the race finished running on, which was nice to see. Bangor is a lovely old fashioned race track, and apparently is the only one without a grandstand, but instead has a grassy bank where everyone stands on. The picnics were still happening when we left. It is hard to believe that we are in enemy territory (Wales)as everyone was very friendly. I can only assume we lost the Rugby as I am sure they wouldn't have been otherwise! The commentator was going to announce the score as the game progressed but was told not to as most people, including ourselves, had recorded it.
It turned out to be a fantastic game which we watched when we got home, with the result just going England's way.