Saturday, 19 April 2014

Jess won!!!  You could have knocked me down with a feather when she took up the running after the first circuit and won easily. Before the race she had been snoozing in the lorry for four  hours as we had to be at the track in good time for Peter's members which was the first race, ( Peter came third) and she was in the last. She then had to be dragged around the paddock looking every bit the 'War Horse' - all she was missing was a cannon dragging behind her, she only sparked up fractionally when the hunting horn was blown as they went down to the start, but to say I wasn't hopeful would be an understatement. Toby gave her a peach of a ride and her jumping was outstanding but the way she cruised into the lead and won going away was a real pleasure to see as we were worried that she had lost her desire having dogged it for her last two races.
It was such a relief and wonderful for the 'Never Give Up Club' who haven't had much fun up until now but have thankfully been very patient.