Sunday, 11 May 2014

The days racing went really well. Exclusive Rights (Scruffy) had a great journey with plenty of polos and carrots but was still a bit hyped up in the paddock, so much so that she flicked her head in the air and split Doug's nose, only a bit of blood and nothing to worry about!
In the race Toby kept to instructions perfectly and took her on the far outside letting her see every fence. She jumped the first three with her head in the air (as she did when under rules) but then settled beautifully. There was sixteen in the race and three from home a tiring horse pulled up suddenly in front of her and went around the fence, inadvertently pushing her out. Although annoying, as she was running on nicely it was the perfect result as she then cantered home in her own time without being bottomed and came back to the box looking really happy and totally unstressed.  She will now be roughed off so that she can think about it and come back next season in a really positive state of mind.  She could be a very exciting prospect for next season, so she is very much worth taking the trouble and time over.
Whilst we were having a drink by the lorry after the races there was a big dog fight where Spud ended up being pinned to the ground by a Staffordshire bull terrier who had his jaws locked around his neck. Nothing would make him release Spud even though Pete and myself were trying everything to get hime off. Spud was making a heck of a noise and the three girls were also trying to help him out. Just when I thought that he had had his chips (!) Doug picked up the bull terrier by his back leg and he dropped him from his jaws. Thank goodness. A really horrible moment as we all think the world of that silly dog. He is hopping lame at the moment and very sore but at least he is still alive.