Saturday, 24 May 2014

We have just had a fantastic time in the Emerald Isles. The English boys did us proud, coming first second and third and beating the Irish by twenty three points and the girls just failed to score as their nearest one home was fourth whilst the Irish girls just managed a third. Once again it was great racing and we spotted some very nice young horses. The party in Tattersalls House just went off with absolutely everyone on the dance floor dancing to a brilliant Irish band. Bejeezes, those Irish sure know how to enjoy themselves!
We are just on our way back now, having walked Chaddesley Corbett on the way from Birmingham airport and the ground is perfect safe jumping ground. They have moved the fences so that there is fresh ground and even if it doesn't rain again it will be perfect for Monday where Lady Barfad and Whither Goest Thou will both be running. Val D'Auberge is running at Dingley tomorrow.
We are supposed to be going to Lucy's wedding party this evening depending on what time we get back home, annoyingly the M40 is closed so we have got to go all the way around and beginning to fade......