Sunday, 27 September 2015

Spud and Poppy's new potatoes at 5 weeks old

Terrible time wasters, but oh so gorgeous. The horses have been in for three weeks now and are ready to do more....We had our first empty saddle on Thursday. It was Claire's first day and although she is a perfectly good rider Jess (We Never Give Up) did a bit of a buck and managed to unship her. In the meantime Whisper had backed into the hedge, Tic was in the middle of the ploughed field doing helicopter spins and Dancer was having a really good bronc. Tic set them all off but then some youngsters in the next field came galloping up to see what the fuss was about and that was when even Jess got excited. £5 in the drop pot and Clare was fine. We also have a contribution from Doug as he fell off Jake yesterday whilst out cubbing trying to negotiate a post and rails. He is also fine and as he is 'the boss' his contribution is double, so very gratefully received for the end of season party.
It was a lovely morning to be out though and the champagne breakfast afterwards was just perfect.