Monday, 5 October 2015

Phew! We got away with it. Fifteen horses all cantered around the big grass field - two of which had only just been broken in two months before and no empty saddles. A fantastic day with great owners and huge thanks to Holly, Nettie and Christina for all the work they did the week before getting everything ready. The weather was glorious and we have had some great feed back - This is an email a happy owner sent -

 Brilliant is the only word to describe your owners morning
·         Brilliant day for the event!
·         Brilliant idea with riding the horses!
·         Brilliant setting in every way!
·         Brilliant to get all those jockeys to ride on Sunday!
·         Brilliant to be surrounded by 15 horses and jockeys on the yard – I would not mind seeing some pictures of that!
·         Brilliant drinks and lunch afterwards!
Brilliant and oh so relaxed!

It is so nice to get such positive feedback and Christina's husband was chief photographer so photos to follow.