Saturday, 12 December 2015

Round gallop 11.12..15

On the round gallop before schooling we have Ask Away, Sea Rock, Don't Budge Me, Lady Barfad and Out of Range.
They all schooled brilliantly - unfortunately you will have to take my word for it as Doug who was videoing didn't want to take his eyes of them whilst jumping in case he missed something!

Spud thought they went very well too

In the next lot we also schooled the two youngsters, Bella (3 yr old) and Lily (4 yr old) they went over the hurdles so well that they then jumped the big fences and although Bella had a little run out at the third fence she then jumped it really confidently.  They are both complete naturals and it is so rewarding seeing them progress so quickly.

We have decided not to run Exclusive Rights at Larkhill as we want to give her a confidence run after her fall last season and the restricted is really hot and it wouldn't be fair on her or do her confidence any good to drop her in the deep end at this stage. Not that she isn't more than capable but there is plenty of time and no need to rush her.

Another wet and windy day but nothing like they are having up North. We got married in Glenridding and I recognised some of the people they have interviewed who have had their shops flooded. So sad for them but lovely the way they Northern community spirit has pulled together and helped in every way they can.

I am off to decorate the Christmas tree. I can feel that traditional glass of sherry calling.....