Saturday, 26 December 2015

We had a lovely Christmas which began with the arrival on Christmas Eve of my cousin Marion and her two boys, David and James. We all went to the carol service at Priors Hardwick and after enjoying the service went to the Butchers Arms for some refreshments which put us nicely into the festive spirit and then back to Blackgrounds for beef casserole. our house isn't very big so they were staying in Stable shepherd hut and thankfully seemed to love it
Christmas morning saw us mucking out horses with the help of Amy, who kindly volunteered to help and then Champagne in the shepherds hut for some of the Edgcote inhabitants before Dad and brother Peter arrived for the huge yummy lunch which was finished in time for the Queens speech.  Present opening time and then back out to get the horses in and feed tea. This time we had a bit of help from our guests (whether they liked it or not!) the boys then went on the quads with Doug to feed the mares and foal that are in a field about two miles away. I think they may have a little race on the way back judging by the pink cheeks and the mud splattered jeans. It was then time for our tea and games followed by a cleansing whisky. Dad and Peter went home around eight and after the horses supper and a quick walk of the dogs it was time for us all to hit the pillow. A busy but wonderful Christmas.