Tuesday, 19 January 2016

We are back! We have had the most wonderful time in the Andaman islands visiting Jay, the intrepid chef daughter who loves to go off the beaten track. We have been greeted with the coldest day so far this winter which is a bit of a shock to the system but at least the frost should have dried up some of the mud.
Here are some photos of our visit -
Stunning beach on Havelock Island

Cows are sacred in India and wander freely everywhere including in the middle of cities

These patterns are made by Hermit crabs who by the end of the day would cover a huge amount of the beach. Incredible to watch.

This is the sign that was by a beach recommended by Jay as being "lovely and quiet"... I wonder why?!

A typical bamboo hut that was our accommodation for our stay

A monk watching the sun go down

Saying goodbye
The beautiful rain forest right next to the beach

Typical Indian countryside with Buffaloes lying in the ponds. These are also used for ploughing
Typical mode of transport - A Tuk tuk. We had a flat tyre on one and whilst the little Indian man was looking for a Jack Doug lifted it up and I nearly shot out the side. The driver was flapping his arms around and begging Doug to "put her down" until he realised that Doug wasn't going to tip it right over, and gratefully (and very quickly) changed the tyre.