Sunday, 7 February 2016

A Best Turned Out double!! Well done to Amy and Christina who were the grooms for the day and Holly who was in early to 'oversee' the horses before they went to the races. I think we will give up trying to win races and just concentrate on winning the BTO's!
No, to be honest, we were very pleased with both Harry (Out of Range) and Rock. Both of which were taking a huge step up in the level of racing on a track and ground which wasn't ideal. They both did us proud with their jumping and keeping up with the pace until the sticky ground got the better of Rock who pulled up three from home and Harry who ran a blinder for his first time in open company and did a clear round and not far off the winner. Neither were bottomed and both will come on from the run and will appreciate the better ground which should be here eventually...?
We had a close incident on the motorway when two cars and a van stopped dead in front of us because they were trying to avoid a black Labrador who was running in the middle of the road - We were cruising along at around 70 mph and luckily managed to stop in time before ploughing into the vehicles. Sadly the dog was hit and clearly had a broken hip but it looked as though someone stopped to help it. Poor thing but very lucky it wasn't a whole lot worse.
I am off inside after a very long day to watch the replay of Ireland v Wales Six Nations rugby