Saturday, 13 February 2016

We had a lovely day on the gallops yesterday. It was a bit too frosty to school so all horses went around the round gallop and then up the hill twice. The sun was shining and the daffodils are just opening up. I hardly dare say anything as I know when I do it will all go horribly wrong, but it has been an incredibly mild winter this year (so far) with only a couple of frosts and a dusting of snow. The birds have been nesting all season and the grass has hardly stopped growing. We have made up our mind to run Lady Barfad and View the Dance at Thorpe tomorrow as they are in early races. We will take Popaway and see how bad the ground has become by the time it gets to her race.

Coming back down after a piece of work

Popaway in the lead, followed by Glory Hunter, Lady Barfad, Lily (unnamed 5 yr old) Bella (unnamed 4 yr old) View the Dance and We Never Give Up

Upsides, with Popaway on her own (!) and the others in the same order working in pairs