Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Darn it. Yesterday was called off at the last moment, We had asked Robert Martin, who lives very close to walk the course and he phoned back to say he was surprised how good the ground was. He said it actually needed the rain otherwise it would have been too firm. So we were all ready to go when the news came through that the 'powers that be' had decided that ambulances couldn't get around the track although it was perfectly raceable. I just cannot understand why they can't use a four by four vehicle for emergencies and why they left it so late before letting everyone know. It turned out to be a beautiful drying day and would have been fine. Now they have rescheduled it for Saturday which is the same day as our local hunts point to point. Grrrr!  It must be so difficult for everyone, I can only assume that the health and safety rules are much more strict than they used to be.....?