Friday, 25 March 2016

OK. A decision has been made... We are running Popaway, Glory Hunter and We Never Give Up tomorrow at Horseheath. This is mainly due to the fact that the weather is going to turn foul over the weekend and there could be as much as two inches of rain, so it would be the sensible option to get a run into them whilst we can. The King of Angels is going to Sandon for Peter's hut race and Suzanne is taking him up there with her truck and trailer.
Today was obviously the lull before the storm as it was an absolutely beautiful spring day. We had quite a few jockeys in to school this morning including Immie Robinson who won on Popaway at Thorpe. She will be riding all three tomorrow as Nick and Hugh are at Kimble and Harry is at Dingley, added to that I think Glory Hunter would prefer a female jockey as he is a bit of a 'sensitive soul'
All the shepherd huts are full this weekend so I have been flat out today and have an early start tomorrow getting the river hut ready for guests who are bravely going to face the elements in it over the next wild couple of days...