Friday, 22 April 2016

Still no Spud. I just feel so sorry for him where ever he is. He must be so confused.
We have just watched the video of Velvet Cloud and Velvet Steel on the Weatherby's web-site and can't believe what a great race they both had, particularly Velvet Steel for her first ever run. She was very badly cut up at the last fence and nearly fell so is consequently rather sore now. A lot of people said that they were surprised there wasn't a stewards enquiry,  I wondered what they meant but understand now I have seen the video.
We walked Whitfield last night and it was rather patchy, but this bit of rain we are getting now should help it a bit. Tomorrow we are just running The King of Angels in the first and Answer Quick in the maiden for her debut. Annoyingly they didn't have a restricted race or intermediate so we are a bit limited as to which horses we can take. We will wait to see what the weather does before we decide which horses to take to Whitfield. All horses (except Tic) jumped this morning and we were delighted with them.