Saturday, 8 October 2016

We have just got back from a lovely few days in Cornwall. We decided it might be good fun to learn to kite surf (YES, At OUR age!!??) and it was really good fun but a huge challenge as it was a 30 knot wind and big waves for most of the time.Our instructor Angus, was thankfully really patient, he certainly needed to be as we managed to explode two of his kites! We eventually got the basics but didn't quite make it up on the board this time because of the waves, but want to persevere, and Doug has borrowed a kite that we can practice on in the fields. We stayed near St Agnes and it is a piece of coast I hadn't explored before and I couldn't believe how many long sandy beaches there were. We also did a long coastal walk over two days from Hayle to St Agnes. Doug took a little bit of persuading with the last leg from Porthtowan to St Agnes and I thought at one stage I was going to have to put the blinkers on but the reward of fish and chips at the end made it well worth it. Holly, Christina and the team did a wonderful job managing everything at Blackgrounds whilst we were away and all the horses are extremely well. I can vouch for that as very were somewhat lively getting them in this afternoon....

Miles of golden beach

"Are we there yet??"

Old and disused tin mines. Astonishing how far down the shafts went.

Our room with a view