Monday, 7 November 2016

BEAUTIFUL autumnal weather. Crisp cold mornings and lovely blue skies. We haven't had any rain for ages so the ground is now too firm to canter around the big grass field so we are still doing lots of trotting with the occasional canter up the all weather gallop. Immie Robinson came in to ride Popaway this morning up the hill. She is feeling very well indeed and certainly tested Immie's ability keep a lid on her enthusiasm. We are hoping to run her in the Cheltenham Foxhunter's this season so the more enthusiasm she has the better.
The weather is a complete contrast to this time last year when the ground was completely sodden and it just didn't stop raining. We have had very few contributions to the drop pot with the only one being Christina being decanted from Lily (Premier Gold) when Scruffy jumped at a lurking pheasant and set the whole string off, it was very nearly six empty saddles but somehow the remaining five 'jockey's' managed to cling on. Our Christmas party is looking a little bleak at this stage so I will have to increase the evening feed somewhat....

Velvet Dove (right) with her Universal foal 
Dove's colt foal, Caramel, who is extremely mischievous 

SO beautiful

Edgcote House. 

The young trees which the late and much missed David Allen planted.