Monday, 27 February 2017

We had a FABULOUS day yesterday. This was totally against our expectations as when we arrived at Garthorpe they were towing lorries into the lorry park because of the unprecedented amount of rain. This didn't bode well for our good ground horses and made it all the more likely that Palypso De Creek would declare to run as he loves the soft ground. We declared anyway as the ground was safe and the run would bring them on although I very nearly pulled Popaway out when Palypso declared as it was obvious she would get beaten but Roy Hartop our other owner was very keen for her to have a run. Immie was told to just enjoy the race and get a clear round - Well she did more than that and won by a distance. Popaway, for whatever reason has now decided that she loves soft ground (having hated it for her past six seasons) and probably ran her best race ever, still hard on the bridle on the finish line. We were probably lucky that Palypso hadn't already had a run as he is such a class horse and it would have been much closer if he had. Immie gave her a fabulous ride and it was lovely to see them both gelling again over a fence. Budge and Tik both hated the sticky ground but did a circuit and a half before pulling up setting them up nicely for next time  and Dancer plugged round and finished gamely as ever jumping every fence like a bunny.
We were SO relieved that it had all worked out and had a very good party around the lorry afterwards. The highs and lows .??!!