Saturday, 4 March 2017

Brave Bella and Holly
Kingston Blount today - Not much luck racing apart from Bella who did us proud by finishing fourth on her first start of the season. Three Best turned out's for Holly and Suzanne though bringing the total so far to 18! The ground was very sticky and Lily, Murphy and Scruffy pulled up - Murphy was lying third at the time two from home, and only two out of eleven finished so it shows how testing the ground was. The trouble with Kingston is that they always seem to go too fast to begin with and then very few get home. It's funny as when I used to ride ((just after the war)  I didn't even think it was an option to pull up! You all just kept going until you jumped the last, and I guess because everyone did the same it was the norm. Where as now it is more the norm to pull up as soon as the horse is 'tired'or makes a mistake. I'm not convinced that is the best option as it is good for the horse to learn to jump when tired, but then again in our welfare friendly world you don't want to see a tired fall. It is all about horsemanship I guess and making the right decision for the horse.
Glory Hunter and Suzanne

Juliet dismounting from her borrowed lorry......

Picnic time in the rain