Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Doug took Nelson, Lenny and Memphis for a schooling session around Brafield on the Green the day after racing with Kara , Sam Lee and Nick Meek. I had to stay at home as we were short staffed and the other horses needed riding. Apparently it was rather eventful - Nelson with his one eye prefers to go right handed and coming off the bend he probably didn't see the next fence and ran out taking big Lenny with him - They then got racing and took off into the distance, meanwhile Memphis was following and stopped dead firing Nick into the fence. Memphis then stood looking over it with Nick wedged in the birch. Kara and Sam finally managed to get their mounts under control, Nick disentangled himself from the fence and they then did a lovely clear round. This was all watched and thoroughly enjoyed by the hunt supporters who were clearing up the course and they gave the Harkin team ten out of ten for entertainment.
Talking of which I gave the girls some entertainment today. I was riding Noddy who has been off games with an abscess for the last few days, added to that Doug thought it would be a good idea to feed the horses some oats last night as they were a bit quiet - Well needless to say he was feeling very fresh this morning and a flapping tarpaulin was all the excuse he needed to have a proper bucking session. I got bucked off in the oil seed rape field and he then trod on my ribs. According to the girls I completely disappeared in the rapeseed which is knee high and then my head suddenly appeared like a hare peeping over the top of the crops, I was trying not to laugh as it was hurting so much but I could see how funny it must have looked. The girls did a great job of keeping a straight face for at least a minute before they cracked up into gales of laughter. Noddy (Cupachai) the little monkey can go to Garthorpe on Saturday now and get rid of some of that pent up energy!