Sunday, 12 March 2017

Thankfully. a great day at the races.  Jake ran a gallant second to the race fit Court Red Handed but  had a near collision with him after the finish line and then pulled up lame. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as at first feared and he was fine by the time we got him home. He loved his day out and was a real show off in the paddock winning best turned out. He looked fabulous and Billy gave him a great ride. Dancer also ran a fantastic race coming third in the restricted - Totally unexpected as it was two and a half miles and she normally needs a really long track to reel them in. At one stage she was "hopelessly tailed off" according to the commentator but then three from home she suddenly took off and came home with a wet sail.; Lovely for Kara and it is the first time she has finished in the frame. She also won Best turned Out bringing Holly's total to 20. Pretty incredible considering she was at the Warwickshire hunt ball until the early hours last night and had about two hours sleep. We were also there but left a little earlier. A great night.out.......

Dr K after his gallant second

The Bicester did a fabulous job with the point to point and it was really well attended. They had a side saddle race which attracted a lot of spectators and they had Derek Thompson commentating and Bob Champion was also in attendance. Plenty of runners and a really good days racing.