Monday, 1 May 2017

I had a lovely Birthday yesterday - Very much with a feathered theme in that Doug bought me five bantam hens and a duck to go with poor Hoppy who had lost all her friends when the fox came, and what really made my day was to see my swallows returning and swooping into the stable and making 'happy noises' on the TV Ariel. I was getting worried about them as they normally arrive much earlier and I thought they may have been shot or eaten. We also had a lovely lunch out and then I walked Mollington where Fred Hutsby had done a brilliant job watering the course.
We have just got back from there with mixed results but all horses safe and sound. Pasta pulled up in the maiden and Lily finished for the first time, so we are getting somewhere. When Pasta got home she had come out in a horrible rash and looked sick so she may have something brewing. Cloud was a little superstar - she had a terrible start and was totally tailed off by almost a fence, to the point where I had given up on her but then she battled back and came a running on third, only beaten one length for second and six from the winner. She has got a serious turn of foot and if she had a better start would have almost certainly won. She has a tiny little body but the heart of a lion. Late Night Jazz was in blinkers for the first time and they really lit him up. He gave Will a fabulous ride and led right up until three from home where he pecked slightly and Will fell off. Luckily he was fine but it was great to see them up there rather than tailed off out the back. Lenny found it all too fast and as he was also novice ridden probably wasn't really put in the race until they had got too far ahead. He badly needs a wind operation as he was roaring his head off, bless him. He loved his day out though.
This morning Immie came in to canter Popaway around the indoor school to get a good blow into her. Noddy, Bea, Budge and Goody all went round there too and did a surprisingly good piece of work as they all had a good blow. Pops then went up the gallop just to make sure. Only three days to go.......