Monday, 15 May 2017

We didn't run Jess as it was so soft but Scruffy, Goody and Cloud ran well above their mark despite the ground with a third and two fourths consecutively. In Scruffy's race three horses came to the last fence together but unfortunately she hit it and lost her place. We were delighted with her run though. Cloud struggled in the ground but tried her little heart out. She made a noise so will need a soft palate for next season and Goody, now that she knows she hasn't got the option of pulling herself up didn't like the ground either and dogged it for the first circuit but hen ran on to be fourth. Lily and Jim with Kara and Will on board both blazed a trail out in front and whilst they both eventually pulled up they had a great time leading the way. They set such a pace that only four or five out of the fourteen finished. It was disappointing not to get good ground again but no one was to know how much rain there was going to be. Holly and the team won two best turned outs taking the total to 35.  The weather on the day was lovely and we were able to enjoy our Pimms and picnic and be thankful that all the horses were home safely.
Off to Menorca now. Yippee!!
Precious Pony (Goody) and Holly