Saturday, 10 June 2017

MASSIVE relief with all three horses home safe and sound. Thank goodness. Exclusive Rights flew the flag with an amazing performance coming second and jumping like a stag. She loves it at Stratford and at 66-1 really surprised everyone with how well and easily she travelled. Two miles is obviously her trip and we will look to doing more hunter chases with her next season as she loves the big fences.
Glory Hunter found the pace too quick but kept with them for the first circuit. It was a massive step up for him and a great introduction to the big fences which he did easily enough. He needs a longer trip as he stays forever and he seemed to enjoy the experience which is the main thing for him as he is such a worrier.
Before the race Popaway was in a stable next to the Ladies loos and took great delight in biting everyone as they came out. She was also bucking and leaping when there was a false start and seemed full of herself but as I rather expected she did one circuit hard on the bridle and then completely emptied. Immie knew to pull her up as soon she she didn't feel right which was the best thing to do. Having just recovered from her respiratory infection and then being given the flu vaccination completely knocked her for six, and even Popaway couldn't fight that. In hindsight we shouldn't have run her but no one was to know how long she would be out of sorts for and two different vets advised us to run her as it was the last race of the season. Still, there was no harm done and she is as bright as a button today. She has just left for her annual holidays at Roy's and Scruffy and Goody have also just gone to Juliet's. PHEW! Another season over and great fun was had by all. We are still all very sad about the losses but hope that we will now go another ten years without any as we have been so lucky in the past.