Monday, 25 December 2017


 We rode all the potential runners yesterday morning including Burrows Spring who will be going to Barbury Castle, and Pasta (Babiloora) who doesn't need too much time off as she can get a bit porky.
Juliet and Patrick came to see Scruffy work and were very pleased with the way she settled going around the big field.
Last night Marion my cousin and her two boys David and James, who are staying with us, got to us in time to go to the carol service at Priors Hardwick - The service there is always really Christmassy and atmospheric - It has grown in popularity so the church was packed, but as well as being a lovely genuine service about the real meaning of Christmas it always has its little quirks - Last time it was the organist playing the wrong carols or if she got the right carol it would be played at top speed so everyone was left behind and she finished playing 2 minutes before everyone stopped singing - This year it was the random microphone that chose its moments when to massively increase the volume and inadvertently seemed to match the content of the readings - It sounded like something out of the Exorcist and as well as being  a bit spooky was rather entertaining. I just about managed to keep a lid on the giggles thank goodness.
All horses mucked out and turned away into the fields this morning with help from Annette our bookkeeper who traditionally comes in at Christmas. Glass of fizz, salmon on brown bread and pigs in blankets were enjoyed in the tack room afterwards and now we have the next stage of guests about to arrive. I better get on.......